March 16th

My brain wouldn’t let me make a more clever title than “ugh”, so I went with the date, even though the date is from yesterday, but it’s still my today… or something.

Yet another day sick, working from home. Today’s worse than yesterday, I feel like I have a cat living in my sinuses, and it’s taking up a lot of space. I wasn’t able to sleep very much last night but did manage snippets of naps in the early morning and evening. Now I’m stuck working late, but at least the weekend is clos. Hopefully I can rest up and get better in time for the St. Patrick’ Day parade on Sunday. The weather’s supposed to be nice and the kids are looking forward to it.

Speaking of the kids, today my youngest came home with a school project, where they had to write out the names of things associated with St. Patrick’s Day – things like a shamrock, a pot of gold, a rainbow. The last square was blank and asked them to draw something green. My son drew (and wrote) Luigi, of Mario Brothers fame. You know your geekiness may be rubbing off on your youngings when…



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