Yeah, I’m definitely sick. I stayed home from work today, and since the kids were in school and my wife was at work I had the whole place to myself. I was able to cough and sneeze and hack and sniffle in peace. A sort of peace.

I don’t know if it was the meds or the stuffy head, but my brain was nowhere near firing on however many cylinders it’s supposed to have. I did a bit of work this morning, not realizing that I’d already done it yesterday, and then this afternoon I did the same thing a third time. Some days, you have to feel lucky that you didn’t simply break everything.

Search me why, but I thought that in this strange state of mind might be a good time to outline a story, and after staring at a blank screen for a while I managed to get something coherent down. Or at least, it seems coherent to me now. It’s probably best if I leave that one alone for a bit and give it a look over when the cotton is out of my head.

Last night I slept almost 11 hours and still woke up feeling like I’d been run over by a hovercraft. Despite that, it seems counter-intuitive that a lot of rest isn’t at least a little bit good for me, so it’ll be an early night again.


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