Sick Again, Dammit!

I don’t get sick all that often, usually it’s a handful of colds a year, even with the kids being sent to school with all the other plague-bearers and then bringing it home.

A few weeks ago, people around me were sick and I felt a little off myself, but managed to avoid getting sick until one night when I got paged for work and got no sleep whatsoever. Lack of rest seemed to give the cold the opportunity it needed to fight past my immune system and latch on for good. Now this past weekend I had some minor sniffles, but it looked like I was going to get away from it, until Monday night came along and I had a sleepless night due to work. Now I’m sick again.

Am I the only one being affected by seemingly sentient microbes? It could be a coincidence, but if I get sick again due to work-induced lack of sleep, I’m going to start suspecting that there’s a cold strain going around which is capable of manipulating the environment in such a way that the host is required to work at odd hours in order to give said cold the opening it needs. If there is such a thing as a sentient cold, and if it can read this blog, next time please just hit me with an ill-advised decision to drink a late cup of strong coffee. Straight insomnia would be better than having to work at strange hours if all you need is an exhaustion-induced opening, thanks.

And with that, I think it’s bed time…

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