Game On! and Moebius

I ran the first session of my D&D game tonight, and it went much better than I’d feared. I’m always expecting things like this to completely fall apart, and my players tried hard, as is their job, to make it all fall apart on me but I think I held everything together well enough. I’m definitely going to have my work cut out for me keeping this game on track through the coming months, but I think it’s going to be a lot of fun if I can nail the research and planning that I need.

In sadder news, I saw that Jean Giraud (The artist who sometimes went by the name of Moebius) had passed away. I remember first seeing his work in older issues of Heavy Metal magazine. When I was a young teen obsessed with science fiction and fantasy, and especially drawn to the art of those genres, Heavy Metal magazine was a beacon. Probably it’s not the sort of thing they would sell to tweens now, but back then it was just a “comic book”, harmless fun for kids, or the dude behind the counter just didn’t care. Once I was hooked I started asking around at comic and magazine shops, looking for back issues, and picking them up when I could find ones I didn’t have. I didn’t understand a lot of the stories in those older issues back then, but some of the artists didn’t need a whole lot of story to grab hold of my imagination and not let go. Moebius was one of them. His body of work includes so much more than just that magazine, and over a half century to boot, but that’s where I first saw his work and that’s still what comes to mind when I hear his name, since it was a big part of guiding my young mind’s exploration of the fantastic and the bizarre.

I still have all those issues downstairs. This seems like as good a time as any to go dig through them for a bit.

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