Slow Leak

I’d been putting off replacing my winter tires for a while, but had decided that this would be my last season with them on this car. I’ve used them through six winters, which isn’t as bad as it sounds because I really don’t do a whole lot of mileage on them.

It looks like I now have one more reason to swap them out, beside their having less traction than they used to, and that’s that one of them appears to have a slow leak. I noticed it about two weeks ago, filled it up, and then about five days later I saw that it was getting low again. A few days more of leaving it in the driveway while I was off and I needed to break out the mini compressor to get it up and useful again. It sucks, but the timing’s good because I’ll be taking them off in about a week in favour of the all-seasons. If they last that long I’ll be good, since local law states I have to have winter tires on until the 15th or so. It’s not an expense I’m looking forward to, but at least it’s an expense I can put off until late into the spring.

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