As mentioned yesterday, today was the day when we went as part of a big group to a sugar shack. Typically, they serve piles of mostly simple foods and provide piles of maple syrup to drown everything in.

I’m not going to name names out here on the Internet, but I have to say that the place we went to was one of the least satisfying I’ve ever been to. I thought the price was steep going in, but the food was very much meh. Usually, the meal will include massive amounts of relatively simple fare – Things like bacon, pork rinds, sausages, ham, pancakes, omelettes, baked beans and tourtiere (a local meat pie). Tourtiere is one of my favourite things to eat, bringing back vivid memories of five-year-old me fetching ingredients to “help” my grandmother make them, falling asleep on her sofa for a nap, only to be woken up hours later when the pies were done and dinner was served. It’s still the thing that makes me smile the most at a sugar shack because it’s something my wife hates and so I never get to eat it at home these days. I’ve been looking forward to that meat pie for a week.

This place didn’t have any. Not all of them do, so that’s okay, but the good ones and, maybe more importantly, the expensive ones, do. It’s long to make, it’s filled with meat so it’s not cheap for ingredients, and it needs to be done perfectly or it’s going to taste off. So they went for lower cost foods, which happens but was a bit disappointing. Just as disappointingly, there was no bacon. Truthfully, I have never been to a sugar shack and not had them truck out loads of bacon. It’s basically THE staple food, along with pancakes (which only showed up, cold, at dessert time), and the kids kept asking when it was going to show up. So, not a place I’ll be going back to. I don’t mind going to a place with a limited selection, and I don’t mind going to a place that’s more expensive than others, but I mind going to a place which is more expensive than the others and that has a weaker selection. Here, after saving room for the good stuff that never showed up, I realized that I’d be leaving hungry unless I filled up on the stuff that was left (plain omelette and boiled potatoes). I ate a bit, but wasn’t thrilled when the meal was done. To top it off, the place had a petting zoo where the animals looked dirty and miserable. Simply not a happy experience overall.

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