Death by Food

Today was a fairly relaxed day at our house. Due to loads of family coming over last night to celebrate my youngest’s birthday (which was today), the boys went to bed fairly late, got up fairly late, and weren’t hungry enough to bother us right away so we got to sleep in a bit. Then we spent the day more or less chilling out and playing with his new toys. He actually passed out for a nap this afternoon, but we needed to wake him up after less than an hour because he had piano lessons in the very early evening.

Today being his actual birthday, he got to decide on breakfast, which ended up being at Chez Cora where I had an awesome omelette containing way too many calories. This after last night’s pizza dinner followed by cakes and too many calories. Lunch today was light, but his birthday dinner was cooked by his grandmother, who, obviously had a cake ready. More calories.

Normally this would be the point at which I get tired of food, wave the white flag, and turn to lighter fare for a couple of days but tomorrow we’re booked in a large group to go to a sugar shack for the typical massive meal of everything you can think of to drown in maple syrup. Looks like I’ll have to wait until Wednesday to start waving the flag of surrender. I hope it’s not too late.


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