As much as work happens to pile up while anybody goes away on vacation, I’ve noticed that the busiest day is not the day you get back to an inbox with a four-digit unread email count, it’s the last day before you leave when you’re scrambling to put out as many fires as possible. Sometimes you hand the extinguisher to someone else, sometimes the fire is still smoldering when you come back, but the last minute rush has become unavoidable.

It didn’t help that I worked through a wierd portion of the night and had to get up early to get the kids off to school, so I was a bit slower than usual. Still, I get a week of relative relaxation. The kids never sleep in, but if they don’t have to go to school then I don’t have to set an alarm, and they only come bother us when they get hungry. It’s never late, but it’s always an improvement over a 6:50 alarm.

Two days until birthday parties for my son, three days until the actual birthday, tomorrow smells like a laundry and clean-the-whole-house day. Writing a bit would feel exceptional.

Speaking of which, today I was mentally burned out. Tonight was a night for sitting in front of the fire with herbal tea, and slaughtering Skyrim bandits so I could steal their souls and turn them into expensive furniture. Okay, fine, it wasn’t furniture. It was expensive enchanted weapons, which I will now use to riddle the rest of Skyrim’s bandits with arrows.

Eventually, because I’m going to put the game away for a while. I’ll be trying to use this coming vacation week to a) get some writing time and b) get some family time while I get to see the kids at home for more than two and a half hours a day.


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