Planning Ahead

I’m fairly certain that my word count dropped off this month, though I don’t know for sure because I haven’t been keeping track. I know what I’ve written, I just haven’t thrown it all into my running total because any the time I’m done writing late at night, I just don’t feel like taking the time to do it, which means every day it gets to be a little bigger of a mountain to climb, so I put it aside again. I will, however, need to enter all those words, and soon, or it will be an impossible task. By this weekend is when I want to be caught up in tallying things.

Another thing I noticed is that I have a lack of focus because I didn’t make myself a to-do list. I did for January and it worked well. I’ve learned that I work much better with a list of things to accomplish that I can tick off as they get done, but I skipped it for February because January went so well. You’d think I would have made the mental association that January went well because I did have a list, but I went in reverse and told myself that I didn’t need one. It was stupid, and I’ll definitely make one for March…

… which is coming soon. My youngest son’s birthday is early next week, and we’re getting ready for his party. Sunday we’ll be having a party for his friends, going to the movies to see The Lorax and munch on cake, then in the evening we’ll have the family over for a separate party, probably with more cake. Good thing I started dropping weight, so I can feel the joy/pain of putting it all back in a single day. Still, life goes on. I can’t believe my littlest dude is turning six in less than a week, but it’s so much fun watching him grow into his own tastes and personality.


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