Checking it Twice…

I’ve put together the list of things I want to get done through March. For the writing, I’ve set myself a goal of 100,000 words, which is a bit excessive but it’s what I need to do to feel that I can catch up and hit my target of one million for the year. It’s going to be brutal, but it’s necessary. I don’t like my odds of achieving that goal, but my odds of hitting my one million word goal if I don’t hit 100K this month are even bleaker.

I want to finish this novel that’s been killing me for the longest time. I hope to be able to write a short story or two but I haven’t managed to hit that light-bulb moment where one of them comes together and I feel like it has something to say for itself. I also want to write my outline for Script Frenzy since I’ll be doing that again come April. It will be the same basic graphic novel idea that I ran with last year, but I want to clean it up a lot and give it a sense of direction rather the half-assed discovery journey that was last year’s effort. My goal is to complete a six-issue story arc in one month, which based on last year’s total will run around 200-225 pages. Graphic novel pages run way fewer words than do pages of prose script so that’s not as many words as it may sound like.

I will of course be keeping up the effort of blogging daily, and I’ve also added to my list something which has been gravely lacking the last few months – reading. It’s not normal for me to go four months without finishing a book and I’m going to damn well finish some of the stuff in my to-read pile if it kills me.


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