It’s sorta like “300” but without the sweaty men. Well, okay… fine: There’s one sweaty man, but I’m more covered up than Gerard/Leonidas. You can’t see me, but I promise you it’s true.

Really though, what this is is my 100th post on this blog. Curiously enough, I ended last year with a grand total of 50 posts in all, so this is also where I point out that I’ve blogged as much over the last 51 days as I did in the ten months prior to that. It’s been driven almost entirely by my goal of blogging every day for a year, but it has also been very interesting and educational so far.

As for how it’s been interesting, it’s been an experiment of sorts in page hits. One thing I haven’t done this year is publicize my blog at all. I haven’t cross-posted to Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus, though I do have links to this page from all of those profiles. Since I don’t feel that what I’ve been going on about the last little while is of any great import or interest, it bothers me not at all if my readership is low. What I have been doing is playing around with other things, looking to see what does bring in readers and from where. Tags have definitely been one of the bigger movers and shakers, which has been a study of its own. Sometimes I’ll post something with a particular tag or combination of tags and I’ll get a pile of hits (say… “hockey”), and then a week later I’ll use the same tag or tags and get one hit through a day. Not surprisingly, posts in which I name drop get the occasional redirect from search results, which makes me wonder why people are coming here instead of going to the site of the person whose post/blog/activity I initially wrote about, but whatever.

As to what have I learned after blogging habitually since January 1st? For one thing, that blogging has been every bit as hard as I thought it would be. I’m very much a shy and introverted person and have a hard time sharing my thoughts and feelings about things. I probably come across as very boring and unconcerned, but most of the time, I won’t talk about something because I get it in my head that what interests me won’t interest other people, and so I keep it to myself. I have an impossible time startin conversations and typically look to join one that’s already in progress, which is a tough thing to do on your own blog. That, honestly, was a big part of why I started this daily routine. I might be hit or miss sometimes, and blogging every day sometimes has meant that I’ve posted a very brief “Blah, sick, back tomorrow”, but it has also meant that I’ve posted about a few things that have interested me which I might otherwise not have done. Blogging as self-prescribed therapy as it were.

And that’s about it for now. Thanks for sticking around for the first 100, I should get through the next century of posts sometime around the end of May. If you’re still around by then I’ll hope that it’s because I’ve succeeded in keeping this blog at least a little bit interesting.

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