Random stuff…

I managed just under three hours of sleep last night, which would have been enough for any day during which I wasn’t sick. Today, three hours fell short by a lot. I managed a bit of a nap between work and supper, but I’ll be going to bed right after this post. Besides the exhaustion I’m also being lulled to sleep by a cup of caffeine-free tea (Goji Pop from David’s Tea. Sweet, fruity, it goes down like hot fruit punch. Feels good with the sore throat.)

Having no mental energy for anything else, I turned on Skyrim for the first time in a while, and got my ass handed to me repeatedly. I’m noticing that the game gets pretty brutal if you, like me, have the misfortune of enjoying playing thief-type characters. Warriors, as they level up, can run into just about any situation, swords and axes arcing, and walk out with the loot. Mages could run into the same situation, cackling and spells blazing, and leave nothing but charred corpses behind them. Thieves? Not so much. The biggest problem I’m having is that monsters level up along with your character, and your character levels up based on the skills you boost. So a warrior levels up by using swords and armor, monsters get tougher but a experienced, armed, and armoured warrior doesn’t care. Mages level up by casting spells, monsters level up but there’s only so much they can do against MASSIVE FIRE. I level up by sneaking around, pickpocketing people, or chatting them up. I can get in a good sneaky arrow first, often dropping things with one shot, but that isn’t always so useful against large bands of things,  I can drop one bandit quickly but often find that I can’t handle the other four. Eventually, the random beasties will see you, no matter how good of a sneak you are, and if the only thing you have going for you is the ability to pick locks and sweet talk people, you better be fucking running, especially if said beasty has grown in proportion to your character’s level. Running, by the way, is a very useful strategy as long as you aren’t in a confined dungeon. Out in the wilds, I can sneak along, and if something sees me I just up and haul ass, legs and arms pumping. What I’ve noticed is that, in my light armor, I’m faster than most monsters and bandits and that even if I’m not that  they eventually just give up. Today I outpaced a pair of necromancers and whatever it was they were re-animating, some as-yet-unrecognized brown thing which might have been a troll, and a bear. Not very noble, maybe, but at least I’m alive. And no, I wasn’t trying to pick the bear’s pocket, it was just an angry bear.


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