Zombie Post

Not a post about zombies, just a post by a zombie.

Mental note: blog earlier in the day.

My wife was out at work all day, so I spent my time doing housework, getting the kids to burn calories outside, and wondering where the daylight was disappearing to. Totally forgot until this afternoon that I needed to work for four hours tonight, so ended up falling short on the words again because I had no time to make up for it. I decided at one point that I’d post here when I was done, but discovered that half past midnight, when I’ve been staring at scrolling text on a screen for four hours straight with a phone glued to my ear… not my most creative point of the day. This sucks, because late at night usually is my most creative time of the day.

Being on pager duty means I have no idea when work will strike (even though I did know in advance today), so to avoid spending an hour staring at a blank screen and wondering if I should just blog about how it feels like by brain is leaking out my ears and taking my eyeballs with it, I’ll get started on a post earlier in the day.

For now… bed.


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