A Year, a Meh, and a Fire.

I’d like to start today’s post by congratulating Scott Gomez on going one whole year without scoring a single goal! Must be nice to have a job where you can underperform horribly and still pull in a pay check of 7.3 million dollars per season. If he was a Wall Street banker with that sort of production, he’d probably be pulling in an 8-figure bonus to boot.

To be honest, I’m not bothered too much by his lack of production. For one thing, I wasn’t expecting a whole hell of a lot when the Habs traded for Gomez a few years ago, and for another, I haven’t been interested in hockey at all this season. It’s not because the Canadiens suck, even though they do this season, I wasn’t interested from the beginning. This is odd for me, because usually I’m anxious for pre-season to start and I watch just about every game. This year, between the mad October rush to finish my costume and the mad November rush to finish a novel, I didn’t have much time for it. Even now, I have to spend much more time than I did last year writing and blogging just to try and hit my goals, that I just don’t make time for watching hockey any more. Maybe if they won more often I’d be more interested in making the time, but as it is I had other things to do, and I’m perfectly happy continuing to do those things if it means not following the NHL this year. Things may change during the playoffs, but for now hockey doesn’t provide enough entertainment for me to sacrifice two or three hours of writing or reading time for it.

Tonight, even though it isn’t all that cold outside, I have a fire going, and I plan to write in front of it until it puts me to sleep. I also plan to top off a glass of porto, and I already have a cat purring on his blanket, roasting like a chicken in front of the fireplace, so I may end up getting lulled to sleep earlier than my usual.

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