One Month In

So, it’s February 1st, which puts me at one month in on my resolutions for the year. I’m doing all right, but there’s room for improvement.

As stated last week, I’ve been completely ignoring the weight loss thus far, but that’s in the process of changing. We’ll see how much weigh I can drop in February, but I’m hoping for 12-15. The first bit is always easier, it’s keeping it up that’s always been difficult.

For the blogging, I consider it a complete success. I posted on this blog every day for the month, except for the one day that I blanked it out in anti-SOPA protest. Now I just have to keep it up for another 335 days and it’ll be done.

For the one million words, I had a lot of problems keeping pace. Or rather, I got a very late start and had a difficult time catching up. I finished the month with around 52,000 words, which is about sixty percent of where I want to be. Work madness cost me about five thousand words, the late start cost me several as well, and taking breaks for other things slowed me down. I’m optimistic that February will see a dramatic increase in my daily average, and I’m hoping that I can keep par and catch up by a few thousand as well. Finishing the month so close to fifty thousand (the target for NaNoWriMo) makes me afraid that that’s close to my natural limit, but I need to see if I can push it. What I’m hoping is not only that I’ll get better at finding the little bits of time for writing, but that the intense goal will give me the impetus to write more words during that time. If I can get better at using the bits of my brain that turn thoughts into words on the page, then I can boost my words per minute, which will make the rest fall together more easily.

The cafeteria at work has all but been expunged from my routine. In the course of the month (granted, I took one week off), I only had lunch at work once, and that was a brain fart on my part where I’d prepared a lunch but left it at home. Doing a bit of math, and I think it’s going to end up saving me a ton of money as well. Between the coffee and the lunches, I was easily spending $10 a day there, and always complaining about the crap they served. Counting about 20 days a month and that’s $200 in my pocket, almost $2500 in a year, which seems like a ridiculous amount of money to be throwing at people who provide only disappointment. It might as well be another tax at that point. A bunch of us also pitched in to get a single-serve coffee maker at work, so between that and the diligence of bringing in my own food, there’s no reason to go back to eating crap just because it plays itself as being the only option.

As for staying home yesterday with a sick kid, I still have mild sniffles and a bit of a sore throat, but it’s not getting worse. Either I have reason to be optimistic and it’s only going to be a mild cold, or it’s trying to make me complacent so it can kill me by surprise. Time will tell.

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