Staying Home

Today I worked from home because my youngest son has been shaking off a bad cold the last few days and couldn’t go to school. I know a lot of people who don’t have that option, probably even most people with a desk job can’t work from their own home, and it’s nice to be able to get stuff done without having to go into the office, or to stay home while my son recuperates and not have to take the day off. It also means that I can spend my lunch and coffee breaks playing Lego or reading to my son. The rest of the day he spent huddled in a blanket watching movies and generally looking pitiful. He seems to be getting better, probably well enough to go to school tomorrow but that will be a morning decision.

I suppose it was inevitable though, after two days in close quarters with a sniffling, sneezing, coughing five year old, that I would start to sniffle and sneeze and cough myself. Maybe I’ll get lucky and wake up tomorrow feeling 100%, but I have a bad feeling that the rest of this week is going to be spent trying to shake the hacking crud.

I even managed to get enough done that I could log off a couple of hours early, and did something I haven’t done in about a week and a half — play Skyrim for a bit. I didn’t play Oblivion (the last game in the series before Skyrim) very much, but I played Morrowind for several hundred hours in all, and I don’t remember the dungeons being this expansive. I went in today just to clear out what I thought would be one little cavern for a quest, and it seemed to go on forever. The key to other types of productivity in the future, when I decide to play Skyrim, will be to set myself a time limit rather than go into it thinking “I’m just going to complete this one quest”, because the damned quest is liable to take me four hours or more. Not that I’m complaining, a little bit of leisure time is important too, it just needs to be kept to “a little bit”. Seriously though, sneaking around putting arrows into virtual people’s faces before they know I’m there sucks the stress right out of a day.

Now to get a little bit more writing done before I turn off the lights on January and do a summary of my 2012 resolution progress for the year.


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