Dark Ascension

One of my friends suckered me into going to a release tournament for the latest Magic: The Gathering expansion, Dark Ascension. I’ll be leaving in a few minutes to meet up with him for supper, and then we’re off to the tournament. I haven’t played Magic seriously (and by seriously, I don’t mean that it was a serious affair, just that I played it one or more times a week and kept up with the new cards as they were released) in years, so I have a bad feeling that I’m going to be very rusty on some of the finer points of the rules, but I’m still going in optimistic.

To make things worse, though, it’s in a format I’m completely unused to, called Two Headed Giant, so instead of one-on-one or turn-based multiplayer, it’s a weird variant where two two-player teams share someof their resources. It doesn’t seem overly complicated, but it’s an extra subset of rules on top of the normal ones I’m rusty on, so it’s just going to be one more way for me to ask stupid questions that make it look less like I haven’t played in a while, and a lot like I have no clue at all what I’m doing.

Still, it should be fun.


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