The cake from yesterday was a success. Tasted even better cooked than it did as batter off a spoon. The consistency wasn’t particularly cake-like, probably because of the pudding that went into it. It came out much, much denser than a typical cake would have, but it was still very good. I modified the original recipe as well, since I didn’t have a box of yellow or vanilla cake mix at hand. I went for a box of Betty Crocker Butter Pecan cake mix, figuring that the flavour would go well with the pecans on the top and the Bailey’s in the mix itself. Came out fantastic, though I needed to leave it in for a bit longer than the 60 minutes from the recipe. Maybe that’s because I changed out the mix or because of the brand of pudding I used, who knows. I need to see if I can find a scratch recipe for this which would have more predictable results. The glaze was nothing short of sinful. I can see it working on a whole range of different desserts.

Today’s a laundry, dishes, and catch up on writing day. I said yesterday that I’d hit four thousand words today or fall asleep in the attempt, but I feel good about writing today. I might be able to hit significantly more than my target. No Skyrim, just writing and writing until I can’t write anymore.

Posting another 2012 resolution tracker today. I ended up breaking the cafeteria avoidance streak Friday. I took the time to prepare myself a lunch before leaving for work in the morning and completely forgot about it. It was still sitting in exactly the same spot on the kitchen counter, mocking me, when I got home from work. I expect this will happen a couple of times a month, where I’ll be forgetful or there will be absolutely nothing left in the house with which I can make a reasonable facsimile of lunch, but I’ve succeeded in shifting my default lunch mode from “whatever’s in the cafeteria” to bringing my own. If I get stuck buying at the office every once in a while, I’ll consider it a victory.

2012 Resolution Progress:
34031/1,000,000 words written (3.40%)
21/22 days blogged (Target: 365/366 with 1 day anti-SOPA blackout)
7/8 Days cafeteria avoidance (No real target)

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