Back to Work

I was hoping to hit 30,000 words for the month yesterday but ended up falling short, calling it a relaxation evening and playing Skyrim instead. The game is trying to eat up all my free time, and the temptation to let it is very strong, but I’ve been fairly good about putting the controller down for the most part. I may have to set myself an alarm though, because it’s very easy to go downstairs with every intention of finishing “just one quest” and the next thing I know three hours have passed.

I also headed back to the day job today after a week off. It was a little bit rough, but that’s mostly because I slept like crap last night and only managed maybe two hours of sleep in all. It wasn’t even because I was obsessed with Skyrim – I went to bed before midnight, which is early for me –  it just took me four and a half hours to fall asleep.

Tonight, no gaming at all. Pinky swear. I am armed with a giant mug of my current addiction (Chocolate Chili Chai from David’s Tea), and I am determined to polish off several bits from a few different projects (a short story that’s almost done, a scene from the novel, and a couple of other side projects).

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