The Word-Marathon Continues

As predicted, the week away from work has been a boon to my word count for the year, although I should note that easily two-thirds of my writing has been done in the late evening (with the exception of today, where I got just about everything written while the sun was still up). If I can find a way to pump out a few hundred words early in the morning, or during my lunch breaks, I shouldn’t see my output drop significantly when I go back to work next Monday. Getting this much done also means I can go play board games tonight relatively guilt-free, which helps keep me sane in lots of ways.

For the word count, I’m still behind pace, but have managed to catch up by a fair bit over the past five days. Sunday night I was at 10,000 words, and as of this writing, I’m at 25278 words, for a total of 15278 in five days. Not shabby at all, and about 250 per day ahead of the daily pace of roughly 2700. At this rate, I’m already ahead of Nanowrimo pace for January, and Nano definitely stands as the most I’ve ever managed in a month, at roughly 50,000. We’ll see where I am on the fifteenth, and it should be very easy for me to double that number before February, given the slow start I had. To be on pace for the year, I’d need to be at roughly 85,000 by Feb 1st, but I’d settle for 70,000 as a new personal monthly best and work my way up from there.

2012 Resolution Progress:
25278/1,000,000 words written (2.53%)
13/13 days blogged (Target: 366/366)


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