We got our first big dump of snow today. Methinks the kids will be ecstatic to play around in it this weekend. I predict massive snow forts and sledding. Here’s what it looked like when I went to pick my kids up from school.


Also to be noted – It snowed for another two hours, and I have four stairs. There are two things that bother me about the snow in this picture 1.) The wind was blowing it toward my house, which means I have more to shovel. 2.) The butt plugs I pay to clear snow from my driveway obviously had better things to do than clear snow from my driveway. Even then, they just drive a plow over it, I still have to do the stairs. I wish the wind would change. I should have moved in across the street.

I hope it’s not going to be one of those years where I have to constantly call them to come clear my driveway because they can’t be bothered to do it when they’re supposed to do it. We seem to go in cycles at this house. We’ll get good service from a snow removal company for a year or two, then they’ll be horrible and we’ll switch to a different one and the cycle will start again. We’ve had a couple of good years with these guys so maybe we’re due to shop around for next winter.

2012 Resolution Progress:
22435/1,000,000 words written (2.24%)
12/12 days blogged (Target: 366/366)


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