…I haz them.

I managed just over 3100 words yesterday, and I’m on pace to very easily  break 3,000 again today, which means that I’m passing par and catching up. A little. I’d need to keep this pace up for a good while before I got myself where I’m supposed to be, word count wise, for the year. Mind you, as expected, I’m able to do this because I have a week off work. Next week it will be much harder to manage numbers like these. Still, it’s good to know that I can hit numbers like those without killing myself, and while still getting other things done.

Yesterday I took advantage of a quiet afternoon at home and spent about three hours playing Skyrim. I still hit my word count, did the laundry, did some dishes, and managed some other house chores. Today it was taking down all the Christmas decorations, packing them up and storing them away for next year, getting the kids from school, doing some groceries, and taking them to their music lessons, and I’m still managing to put words to screen at a reasonable rate.

Also, the novel that almost killed me last November is starting to slap me around, but in a good way. Today I was in the middle of a scene and it was as though a face came out of the screen and said, “Look, asshole. Listen to me, and listen well. You’re doing X but that’s going to lead you to Y, which will be the wide world of suck. What you need to do instead is A B C D E…” and then I sat down and wrote a solid start-to-finish outline for the whole novel, which is something I haven’t yet been able to do for this book. It’s something that I’ve tried to at several points along the way  do but the ideas weren’t coming together well and my outline went off on several insane tangents. It feels like I’ve just been given a road map by Google with turn by turn directions. Oh, sure, there will be mudslides and road closures and checkpoints manned by giant rifle-wielding bipedal armadillos, but those are just detours. As long as I know where I’m going, I can find my way back onto the road again. For the first time since I started trying to write this book, the road looks like an actual road.

2012 Resolution Progress:
13363/1,000,000 words written (1.34%)
9/9 days blogged (Target: 366/366)


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