Just Another Day

Three days into the new year and I’m already slacking on the resolutions. I think I did a math failure when I planned on writing 1,000,000 words this year, as that works out to almost 3,000 words a day, which is pretty laughably high for me when I stop to think about it. My initial instinct was to drop the word count down to something more manageable but then I decided to leave it at the same place. If nothing else, it gives me a high mark to shoot for.

Today was a bit of a wash for writing goals, since I decided to be sociable instead. I do want to achieve a lot of things as a writer, but I’m also very acutely aware of my own solitary nature, and left to my own devices I would probably spend most nights alone. I decided a long time ago that on any night during which I’d planned to write, that if someone wanted to hang out and play board games, that I’d choose the hanging out. Most of my friends have jobs and kids and houses to maintain, like me, so it doesn’t happen often enough that I worry about it putting a dent in my writing. Not long term anyway. Yes it killed my target word count for the day, but in the scope of a month of writing it won’t be a huge difference and I just count it as a downtime evening, spent with people who matter to me.

We watched the Canada-Russia hockey game (Semifinals of the World Junior Hockey tournament). Canada had a half-decent first period, a horrible second, and a powerhouse third. After going down 6-1, Canada managed to make it close at 6-5, but lost in the end. The refereeing was horrible. Lots of missed calls, for both teams, meant the players were taking things into their own hands and making things ugly. At no point did the refs give me the impression that they had control over the game.

Still, the comeback attempt made it interesting for a while, and we spent the time playing Dominion. I got the Cornucopia expansion for Christmas, and this was my first time using it. Very odd, the cards were interesting but seemed to slow the game down a lot and reduce the final scoring drastically. This made for  a much closer game, but not necessarily a more interesting one. I have to play around with starting card combinations to come up with something that works well, as none of the new mechanics really had the chance to come into their own.

Back to the subjects of goals and resolutions, I know this blog post looks late, but I consider a day for me to be from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep, so even though this post will technically appear on Wednesday, I’m still counting it as my Tuesday post, keeping me at 100%, or 3/3.


2012 Resolution Progress:
3418/1,000,000 words written (0.34%)
3/3 days blogged (Target: 366/366)


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