Time flies when you’re deep into major projects…

In October it was the mad rush and the cramped hands to finish my chain mail shirt for Halloween (pictures still forthcoming). In November it was the mad rush and the cramped hands to finish my 50,000 words in one month (Which I managed, Yay!)

None of that left me with very much time for other things. Generally I manage to balance all the things that I need or want to do – Work, family, housework, writing, reading, gaming, watching a bit of hockey in the winter – but big things like that armour, or Nanowrimo, just seem to break me. It’s when I realize how little spare time I actually have, and I end up ignoring things. Like my Google Reader feed, or my reading, or this blog.

This month I have no major projects, and so no excuses. I’m back to using my spreadsheet with all the things I want to get done this month, and I’m hoping to hit all my targets. And I will be blogging more. I have a backlog of things I wanted to write about, I’m planning on getting to all of it.

2 responses to “December

  • Tobin Elliott

    Good to have you back from your trip to Planet Nanowrimo. My flight barely got off the launchpad before falling back to earth and leaving a big, smoking crater.

  • mlorenson

    Mine had repeated launchpad delays followed by a slow acceleration and a final-week “How the fuck did we make it into orbit and has anybody seen my colon?” rapid burn at upward of 10Gs.
    I’ll be posting a recap today.

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