Some Assembly Required

It’s one week until Halloween, and almost a month since my last update, so here’s what my chainmail armour looks like right now:

Obviously it isn’t done, but it’s pretty damned far along if I do say so myself. I’ll be attaching the pieces together very soon, but my head goes in the giant space in the middle, and the right and left of the picture will be the chest and back of it. Once the long strips falling down from the shoulder are attached to the front and back pieces I’ll just have to close up the sides and otherwise fill it in where it looks like it needs it. One thing the picture above doesn’t give is a sense of scale but I’m too lazy to take another one right now so it’ll have to wait until the next post.

My initial estimate was that it would take between twelve and fourteen thousand rings to make the shirt (just down to the waist and without sleeves), and the combined total of rings in the picture above is 8817. It will take me another 120 or so just to knit the pieces all together, and I’m estimating that I’ll need about another 1200-1500 to close off the sides. Given that I’d never done anything on this scale before and that it’s going to be a touch smaller than anticipated due to time constraints, I’d say that my initial guess was pretty damned good. Making it to the size I’d hoped to do would probably come very close to that initial lower estimate.

Now, I’ve got exactly one week to finish this sucker up…


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