New Toy

My laptop’s been having a lot of issues lately, so I went out and got myself a new toy today.

It’s a Netbook, specifically an Acer Aspire One AOD257. I picked it because at the lowish price point, it still has 250GB of disk space and it’s got a dual core processor (Intel Atom N570), which none of the less-expensive ones have. My only concern is that it maxes out at its current 1GB of RAM, but with the running software trimmed down that shouldn’t be a big deal.

My laptop at home is dying. I think the heat sink has come off the graphics chip, at the very least, and the fan doesn’t sound like it’s doing much of anything, so it runs pretty hot and I’ve needed to keep it on a fan tray whenever I use it. It works as well as it ever has, but it isn’t as portable as it used to be, and the battery life is what you’d expect from a 3+ year old machine. Given its age I’m more inclined to let it go gracefully into oblivion than to spend money on keeping it going. Since the laptop works fine when I’m at home, what I really needed was something I could write with on the go. This netbook is light, it’s small, it supposedly has 8 hours of battery life (I’ll be putting it to the test tomorrow), and it runs the only two things I expect to ever really need it for: a web browser, and Scrivener.

When my laptop well and truly dies I’ll replace it, but in the meantime, and without shelling out four or five times the money for a halfway-decent laptop, this little thing gives me some peace of mind that I won’t be screwed during Nanowrimo if I have a catastrophic laptop failure mid-November.


3 responses to “New Toy

  • Tobin Elliott

    Hey Mike,

    I keep hearing about Scrivener, but I know little about it. I’ve looked at the site link you provided, but I kinda don’t know what I’m looking at or looking for.

    How about a blog on that?


    • mlorenson

      I might just do that, although what I’ve found from discussing Scrivener with other people who use it is that there isn’t one way to use it. I think that’s its biggest strength, that its features are so customizable that everybody has a completely different experience with it, and that watching someone else use it you tend to think “that’s not how I would do it, but that’s pretty cool…”
      I’ll see if I can get my own thoughts together on it in the next few days…

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