ConCept Schedule

This coming weekend is ConCept, Montreal’s local fan-run sci-fi & fantasy convention. I’ll be participating in a few panels, and here’s my schedule for anyone who’s interested:

Sat 14:00 St-Francois: Is Humanity’s Love Affair With the Supernatural Over? (Nancy Kilpatrick, Karen Dales, Michael Lorenson, Keith Braithwaite)
Sat 16:00 Terrasse: You’ve Got My Werewolves in My Vampires and My Vampires in My Zombies (Karen Dales, Nancy Kilpatrick, Rob St-Martin, Michael Lorenson)
Sat 17:00 Terrasse: The Death of Copyright, the Future of Media (Eric Flint, Peter Cohen, Mark Shainblum, Michael Lorenson)
Sun 13:00 Terrasse: We’re Not Authors, We’re “Content Providers” (Eric Flint, Mark Shainblum, Michael Lorenson, Eric Falardeau)

Lots of overlap in the panel participants, but I know some of them and it should make for some very interesting and informed discussion.

ConCept runs from 6pm on Friday, October 14th, and continues through to the evening of Sunday, October 16th.

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