Chainmail (part 3)

With a promise that the next post on this blog, whatever it happens to be about, will be about something other than my twisting into place of little metal rings.

1222! That’s the total number of rings in the image below:

That’s 660 more links than I had before, and means that in the past three days I’ve again added more rings into the pattern than were there in total before that. Not too shabby since that’s only two days of actual knitting. I’ve fallen into a pattern where I’ll spend one day prepping rings, half of them opened and half of them closed (to make it easier to add them to the existing pattern), and spend the next two days adding them to the future-hauberk, while prepping yet more rings. I find this keeps the repetitive movements down a bit, and gives my hands something of a day of rest.

I don’t know how close that will bring me to a finished hauberk in time for Halloween, but it’s again reassuring to see an increase in output. I don’t feel that I’m close to my maximum yet, but at an average of 200 rings per day over the last three days, I don’t think it’s realistically going to be something I can push over 300. Pain may not be an issue but time will certainly become a major constraint.

That’s still going to make for between six and nine thousand rings through the month of October, and I’m hoping to enter the month with 2,000-2,500 rings done. If I can do closer to 350 or even 400 rings a day then I’ll be well into the range of my estimate for the shirt of 12,500-14000 rings, and I’ll have myself a Halloween costume without having to go out at the last minute to buy whatever’s left at the store, or recycle old stuff into an impromptu outfit.

I have hope!

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