Chainmail (part 2)

Progress! I’d made a lot of headway but held off because I wanted to compare three days worth of work to my first three days.

My first piece stood at roughly five by three inches, with a total of 171 links. Here’s what I have now:

I expanded the first piece and created a second identical one. these pieces are roughly 5.5 inches by 4.5 inches, and contain a combined total of 562 links.  That means I’ve added, over three days, 391 rings. That more than doubles my pace for the first three days, and since it was done with much less pain in my hands and wrists, it gives me hope that I was right in my initial assessment that I’d be able to do more as time went on.

These two pieces are the start of the shoulder pieces, which means I’m a few days away from working down the chest and absolutely needing to decide on a final shape and pattern. I can put it off for a little longer, but I don’t want to be forced by time constraints into something that I won’t like when all is said and done.


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