Not Dead

Hello blog. I’m not dead. I don’t hate you. I haven’t been cheating on you with that other site, 140 characters at a time. I’ve just been over my head with other stuff and haven’t felt like talking about it. Work’s been ridiculous. Personal life has been busy and stressful. I will get back into the habit of posting here.

My oldest son finished grade one today, and so summer vacation has officially started! Well, for him anyways. I still have to go to work, and it doesn’t look as though I’ll get any serious time off until the end of the summer because co-workers will be off on vacation and parental leave. I may end up taking a huge string of weeks off consecutively this fall to compensate.

I haven’t progressed much in my writing either. I haven’t been able to find joy in a lot of places the last 3 weeks or so, and unlike many of the literary greats, I find it hard to write when I’m grumpy or miserable. It’s picking up a bit. I’m grabbing stories to revise and taking steps at a new one and things are coming together, though my goals for the month are a bit unattainable at the moment. Ah well, that’s what next month is for.


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