Free Comic Book Day

As many people know, today was Free Comic Book Day. I’ve been to shops on this day before, but this was the first time I brought my oldest son along with me. We went to The 4th Wall, not far from where I live. He loved picking up the comics, and even got a sketch done for him by Kelly Tindall, choosing Batman and Robin. The little guy’s become something of a Batman fan over the last few months, and FCBD was just a nice opportunity to introduce him to the world behind the characters he likes.

It’s nice to see my sons taking an interest in a lot of things I took an interest in at their age. I always wonder how much of it is genetics, and how much of it is just that some things light up kids’ imagination more than others (dinosaurs, ancient Egypt, other planets, certain caped superheroes…). Certainly there’s a fascination with things we can’t actually experience, but it’s amazing to me that he’s taking, unprompted, more or less the same path to discovery that I did at his age.

Overall, a seriously big haul on this FCBD, somewhere around 25 issues from assorted publishers. There’s the usual super-hero and kid stuff in there, but some other interesting items as well which caught my interest in a quick flip-through and definitely look to be worth the read. I’ll post later this week when I’ve had a chance to read through it all. I also picked up the next collected bits of other series I’m currently reading (Transmetropolitan & Echo), and some stuff which had been highly recommended (Unwritten & Last Days of American Crime). Lots of great reading coming up!


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