I finished Script Frenzy at 103 pages, with a bit of time to spare. I went over quota because I was in the middle of a great scene and I was on a roll, and graphic novel scripts fill up a page pretty quickly so it didn’t take too long at all. I have a few things I want to finish up, including a story edit so that I can hit my monthly writing target.

On the writing target, I’ve done pretty damn well this month, as compared to recent months. After this last edit I’ll have hit all my targets aside from my reading ones, and I’m going to be able to make an hour or two of headway on those before I shut the lights tonight, so I expect to have hit about 98-99% of the stuff I wanted to do.

One thing I’d like to improve in the coming months is to get some of my writing done earlier. The monthly quota is nice and all, but I tend to procrastinate and leave a lot of the writing until late because I like to let ideas ferment as long as possible. Consequently I spend a lot of time waiting for ideas to really be ready. This is a bad approach because ideas lead to other ideas and the first idea never really gets ready.Then the end of the month comes along, my procrastination gland runs out of juice and, in a panic, all the stories make sense at once and I have to scramble to get them all down before they fly away.

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