Playoff Sadness

The first round is over, and my team is out, though they put on a pretty good show for the most part. It’ll be an interesting off-season for the Canadiens, as they have a lot of free-agents to manage, and a lot of injured players whose potential for the coming seasons will be hard to judge.

Only five of my eight picks for the first round of the NHL playoffs came through, but all three of my losing picks took it to a seventh game, one of the three took the seventh game to overtime, and all three had a lead in their series before blowing it, so I think my faith in those teams was well-placed, even if they ultimately let me down .

Washington – New York (CORRECT)

Philadelphia – Buffalo (INCORRECT)

Boston – Montreal (INCORRECT)

Pittsburgh – Tampa Bay (INCORRECT)

Vancouver – Chicago (CORRECT)

San Jose – Los Angeles (CORRECT)

Detroit – Phoenix (CORRECT)

Anaheim – Nashville (CORRECT)


So, my picks for the second round (in bold):

Washington – Tampa Bay

Philadelphia – Boston

Vancouver – Nashville

San Jose – Detroit


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