Alive, with Playoff Picks

Okay, two weeks of the hacking crud later, and I’m finally, really, starting to feel better. I didn’t even need drugs today! Well, mostly not – I used three cough drops. But yesterday, I used about 2 packs, plus cough syrup, plus thorough misery…

But even if this isn’t the end of the crud, all is not lost, because the NHL playoffs are here! I barely watch TV throughout the year. Apart from hockey, and what I watch by default because my wife or our kids has turned the tube on, I watch maybe an hour of television a month. This causes a bit of a problem, because I get into the habit of getting my writing and other stuff done, and only letting TV distract mewhen there’s hockey on, which is 2-3 times a week on average, plus I write through the intermissions. But when playoffs start, there’s hockey every night. Worse, after the first game is finished, there’s more hockey on afterwards. It’s good hockey, too, because teams play with more heart and desperation in the playoffs. For the first two rounds, there’s between six and nine hours (on weekends) of good hockey to watch, which means if I’m not careful, other stuff gets ignored. So far this year I’ve been pretty good at managing my time so I can watch hockey and still get writing done while not living in a pig sty.

So, picks for the first round, with my picks for winner in bold:

Washington – New York

Philadelphia – Buffalo

Boston – Montreal

Pittsburgh – Tampa Bay

Vancouver – Chicago

San Jose – Los Angeles

Detroit – Phoenix

Anaheim – Nashville

This isn’t necessarily who I’m cheering for in any series, just my picks to win. I should add that all of my picks won the first game of their series, although at the time of this writing, Pittsburgh has just finished getting slaughtered in game 2.

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