Crawling out of the Grave

Man, this thing is taking forever to go away. I was starting to feel a little better Thursday afternoon/evening, but Friday I was coughing like I’d been chain-smoking railroad ties since birth, and yesterday wasn’t any better. Today, I’m going to go out on a limb, tempting fate and whatnot, and say that I’m feeling less horrible. Maybe tomorrow will be the day I feel normal again.

Despite all that, I’ve been keeping up with my writing goals for the month and I’m even a little ahead of where I should be. I finally got started on my graphic novel script for Script Frenzy yesterday and it’s going better than expected. This is my first time doing something in this format, where your writing is composed of a whole different type of visual cues. The story is the story, but everything else is very much “Tell, don’t show”, since it’s intended to be handed over to someone so that they can graphically represent what you’ve got down, and the clearer the description, the lower the likelihood of  “Meh…” artwork.

This is fun, I could get used to it. Will it ever see print? Even if it’s better on paper than it is in my head at the moment, the odds are astronomical. Comics are notoriously hard to break into. Still, it’s exercising a different group of writing muscles, so even buried in the trunk it’s never a total loss.

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