Bring Out Your Dead!

I’m not dead yet, but I feel pretty run down at the moment. I was sick with a mild gastro sort of thing for a couple of days last week but this is a full out cold. I haven’t had one in a while, so I’d forgotten my usual symptom progression, which is about 2 days of sniffling and sneezing, followed by a day of horrible coughing. It’s the coughing that I hate most, and this evening it’s at the point where I’m coughing into a tissue and checking for blood or lung-chunks. I’d pay good money to never have a cough again.

Stupidly, because I’d forgotten about the impending cough and was expecting to feel better today, I went to work and spent the day hacking and feeling generally like mouldy turds. I’m going to be optimistic and say that tomorrow probably won’t be as bad as today. We’ll see. If I never blog again, you’ll know why. Send the cart to pick up whatever parts of me my cat won’t eat.


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