April Fool Overload

I used to love April 1st. I used to think it was hilarious, seeing what people came up with in an attempt to get you to say “No way!” before laughing in your face. I remember when I was young, trying to surreptitiously tape a paper fish to someone’s back so people would snicker at them, checking my own back every few seconds in case someone had done the same to me. I also remember that it all came to an end at noon. That was one of the rules: If you played a joke on someone after noon, then the joke was on you. Nobody laughed at what you’d done. You’d missed your chance to be funny, and were instead the goat.
Now, people don’t seem to stop at noon. Pranks seem to go on most of the day. Worse, in the Internet age with the joy that is RSS feeds, you get everyone’s jokes as though you were in their time zones. I started seeing fake-posts last evening from bloggers in Europe when midnight hit them, and probably if I’d been following more Asian, Russian, or middle-Eastern bloggers I would have started seeing them even earlier. And now? They’re still coming in. I’m currently fooled out, having been enduring it for about 25 hours (Just checked my RSS feed, and yes, there’s a new one), I assume it will continue until the West Coast goes to sleep, some 6 hours from now, which means I’ll wake up tomorrow and still be sorting through the crap.
There are great benefits to living in a connected world, but all this not knowing whether what you’re reading is true or bullshit but highly suspecting the latter… it’s like Fox News has taken over the planet. I think next year I’m going to pull a Warren Ellis and disconnect for a bit, except that he’s wrong, it’s not even 24 hours anymore, it’s 48 hours by the time everyone in the world has had their day.

End of old-man-rant. I’ll be mostly better tomorrow.


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