Reading, Scripting, and Cold Water

The reading at Blue Sunshine was last night and it went rather well. Definitely, it went better than my first unplanned reading at SFContario last November. Seeing some of the seasoned pros in action also showed me a lot of ways in which I could improve my future readings. I just need to stop sweating bricks when I get up in front of a crowd of people.

In less fun news – my water heater died and I spent most of today trying to get it to work. One of the elements shorted, which meant that it warped badly and started to let a tiny trickle of water out of the tank. It took a little while, but eventually that water completed the circuit between two wires in between the inner and outer shell and that blew the whole mess of wiring to a black smelly mess, which must have been just before we first noticed we were running out of hot water yesterday morning. Seems to be fixed now, I just have to leave it open for a bit to make sure I didn’t leave a new leak open somewhere. It’s nice to be able to wash my hands with warm water again.

Script Frenzy starts tomorrow, and I think I’m going to give it a shot. I’ve finished Nano and this is a much friendlier word count to deal with over a 30 day period. I have a graphic novel idea that’s been bouncing around my head for the better part of a year; it’s time I did something with it. I’ve never written a comic script before, so it’s going to be horrible and unusable, but what I’m hoping for is that it will at least let me solidify some of the concepts and characters, let me get some semblance of idea flow working, and give me something I can look at later when I’ve studied scripting more, something I can work with so that I can build something readable.


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